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 Welcome to SAMS Alaska - Carrier (App version May 1, 2020)

For security purposes, you may only access the Carrier component of the SAMS Alaska application if you are registered with the Anchorage office and have filled out a PS1357 form.

 Important Information  Application Access

If you have any questions, please see the list below for who to contact.

  • If you need access to the system, please contact SakOps for further information or to initiate the access process.
  • If you have any questions concerning assignments or payments, send a message here.
  • If you have any questions concerning technical problems, send a message here.
  • If you have any suggestions for improvements or general comments, send a message here

 Restricted Information
This is a U.S. Government computer system and is intended for official and other authorized use only. Unauthorized access or use of this system may subject violators to administrative action, civil, and/or criminal prosecution under the United States Criminal Code (Title 18 U.S C. 1030). All information on this computer system may be monitored, intercepted, recorded, read, copied, or captured and disclosed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes, including criminal prosecution. Any authorized or unauthorized use of this computer system signifies consent to and compliance with postal service policies and these terms.

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